Today, the name Scanomat is synonymous with excellent tasting coffees, cappuccinos, and other hot and cold beverages. The Scanomat package is based on modern technology, a superior range of products, efficient and effective service and financial flexibility.

2 million cups of Scanomat coffee

Worldwide, Scanomat serves almost 2 million cups of coffee per day and over half a billion per year. Coffee is the world's second biggest commodity and the single most profitable product in the world. We can help you take advantage of some of this profit… Research and development - “Innovating not Imitating”

Culture Scanomat

The culture at Scanomat has always been to “Innovate not Imitate”. Having launched the first ever fully automated Cappuccino system, Scanomat’s owner, Kim vibe Petersen has ensured significant amounts of investment in research and development that has kept the company at the cutting edge of design and functionality within the industry.

R & D Scanomat

With advanced research and development technology, including the use of state of the art 3D CAD/CAM, Scanomat continue to “Innovate not Imitate”.

In today’s world of sustainability and demands by customers to improve energy efficiency, Scanomat is already leading the way in developing new systems for the modern world. On the website of Topbrewer you can find more information about the possibilities of the coffee aparaat.


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